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My Sermon Notes started with a vision.

We wanted to give church members a better way to takes notes. Founders Christian Taylor and Cliff McMahel had an idea: what if church members could easily and efficiently take sermon notes on their phone? What if those notes could be fill-in-the-blank notes?

Then we realized that My Sermon Notes is so much more than a notes app.

My Sermon Notes quickly expanded to be a complete church app platform, bringing features like interactive prayer requests, events with responses, customizable connection cards, and ministry team management.

Our vision is to increase discipleship in your ministry.

Having a church app is an effective way to increase engagement with your congregation and draw your church community closer to Christ. Whether it’s posting prayer requests, sending notification announcements to your congregation, or giving your church members a way to take notes they can return to at any time, My Sermon Notes is committed to innovating the way church staff and their congregation experience and engage with their church.

My Sermon Notes is for all churches. Small and large.

Whether your church has 25 members or 25,000 members, My Sermon Notes is for you. We have specially designed our business model to make My Sermon Notes accessible to churches of all sizes.

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