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Discipleship-first church app for your congregation.

Experience a new level of engagement for your church. My Sermon Notes is a powerful, effective, and affordable church app platform for churches of all sizes.

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More than a church app…

We get it. "Church apps" are a fad. My Sermon Notes is not just another church app where all of the tabs link out to pages on your website. Instead, we've focused our resources into developing one of the most powerful app platforms for church members. Interaction is our goal, whether that's through taking fill-in-the-blank notes, submitting prayer requests, or staying up to date on announcements.

Let your sermons make an impact.

Hey church leader,

Are you ready for your audience to remember your sermon? Research shows that active note-taking helps church members better follow along with your message.

But paper is expensive, wasteful, and outdated. We are all jotting down notes on our phones. So why not make it easier for your congregation by giving them the coolest fill-in-the-blank note template for your sermon?

You can add images, hyperlinks, and custom formatting to your note templates. And, your audience can easily share their notes with friends.

It’s effortless to set up. If you can use a word document, you can use My Sermon Notes.

“My Sermon Notes allows me to keep our people engaged, simply by knowing they’re filling in the blanks on their phones, adding notes, and staying in touch with what’s going on during the sermon.”

Howie CantrellSenior Pastor at City Gate Church

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