How do I get my church on My Sermon Notes?

My Sermon Notes is happy to offer a 30-day free trial, and we have no setup fees or contracts. Getting started with My Sermon Notes only takes a few minutes, and you can sign up here.

How is My Sermon Notes different from other church apps?

Other church app solutions charge hefty setup fees and tie you into contracts. In addition, you are subscribing to a platform that is updated regularly to add new, innovative features and squash bugs. My Sermon Notes has been carefully crafted to offer practical, non-gimmicky, truly valuable features to our users. We think you are going to love it, and that’s why we offer a free trial for you to check it out – even if you already have a church app!

Does My Sermon Notes have any contracts?

No! There are never any contracts or hidden fees with My Sermon Notes, and you are free to leave the platform at any time.

Ready to give it a shot?

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