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Our top priority at My Sermon Notes is creating a platform to keep your church members engaged. When we looked at how we would do this, we quickly realized the importance of fill-in-the-blank sermon notes.

We believe that having an interactive note-taking experience will keep your audience focused during your sermons. This equips them with the best level of discipleship a church can provide. Because of our focus on sermon notes, people often ask, “How does My Sermon Notes compare to YouVersion notes?” We’re glad you asked!



My Sermon Notes offers fill-in-the-blank notes to keep your audience tuned in. When church members have a fill-in-the-blank template to follow, they are more likely to stay tuned in simply because they are listening for the next blank.

Look. Here’s the thing… While YouVersion notes give your congregation an outline, there’s nothing that encourages interaction or additional note-taking. YouVersion does not offer fill-in-the-blank notes, and users have to tap a note block to take additional notes.

We think of it like giving students the answers to the test instead of the study guide.

If you want church members to be tuned in to your sermons, they need a reason to keep listening. Fill-in-the-blank notes and infinitely expandable note boxes are a great way to accomplish this.


My Sermon Notes Saves Notes Instantly

A big quirk of YouVersion notes is that notes are not saved unless a user taps “save” when they are done typing. In a world where Google Docs and note apps save automatically, users might exit the app or accidentally hit “cancel” instead of saving their notes.

My Sermon Notes saves automatically, as soon as the user types them. We don’t even have a save button! Simply type your notes and return to them at any time on any device.


Search for Past Notes at Any Time

If you’re taking notes, there’s a good chance you’ll want to review them later. What if you want to find notes on that sermon about prayer six months ago? My Sermon Notes has an instant search feature, giving church members the power to find old sermon notes in a pinch.

YouVersion notes do not offer a search feature of any kind, so your church members might be scrolling awhile…


Get Church Members on an Engaging Platform

After users take sermon notes on YouVersion, there’s nothing more you can do to interact with them. When users join My Sermon Notes, you can send them push notification announcements, prayer requests, and more! My Sermon Notes is so much more than a note-taking app. It’s a church app platform that unlocks a new level of engagement.