My Sermon Notes Version 2.2 Brings Powerful New Features

You asked, we listened. My Sermon Notes 2.2 has been released with some powerful new features for your church.

For admins:

  • Remove members from your Church Directory – got an old church member who moved away? Now they don’t have to be taking up space on your church directory. Remove members with ease on the admin panel.
  • Block members from your church profile – in the unlikely event that a malicious user joins your church profile, you can now permanently block them on the Church Directory screen and prevent them from returning to your church profile.
  • Colored text in sermon notes – join the red letter club by emphasizing biblical text, or add any color to your sermon notes to make your points stand out.

For church members:

  • Print + share PDF versions of sermon notes – now it’s easy for church members to print their sermon notes or share a PDF file with other apps. Send a PDF as a message, email, or upload to Dropbox. The possibilities are endless! Simply tap the new share icon in the top right corner of a sermon note.
  • Auto numbered lists in note boxes – in expandable note boxes, users will now enjoy auto numbering lists by typing “1.” and adding text. When hitting enter, the next number in the list will automatically be generated.
  • Bold, italics, and underline in note boxes – now, users can take advantage of formatting options like bold, italics, and underline in expandable note boxes (iOS only).

Bug fixes and stability improvements:

  • We squashed a bug where tapping a pinned announcement crashed the app.
  • We completely re-wrote the backend for the note-taking feature on the app. While we realize it looks visually the same, it will bring improved stability and pave the way for exciting new features, some of which you are seeing in this release!

Thank you for your continued feedback and support as we continue to make My Sermon Notes the best digital note-taking solution for your church. If you have any questions or comments, please contact [email protected]

Introducing Announcements

My Sermon Notes released their brand new Announcements tab, available now to all churches. This tab builds on push notification announcements to create the ultimate communication experience.

Connect with your congregation from anywhere

Send announcements using the online admin portal, or add a new announcement right from the app (coming May, 2020). A push notification is instantly sent to your church, and they can tap the notification to open the announcement details. Utilize the Announcements tab to send devotionals, event reminders, podcast upload notifications, and more.

Send now. Or schedule for later.

Send announcements now, schedule them to automatically go out later, or save drafts. You decide exactly how announcements are managed.

Add an image, link, contact info, and comments.

Announcements support images, links, and contact information. If you add an email or phone number, a “Call” or “Email” button appears for easy accessibility. Choose to enable or disable the comments section, giving you complete control over how your congregation can respond.

NOTE: Church members will need version 2.1 of the app to access the Announcements tab. The app update is available now in the App Store and Google Play store.

To get started with Announcements, watch the tutorial below:

If you have any questions, reach out to [email protected]

Introducing My Sermon Notes 2.0

When we launched the first version of My Sermon Notes last year, we started with the mission of making digital fill-in-the-blank sermon notes accessible to churches of all sizes. As we developed the platform, we realized the opportunity to create so much more. We added features like interactive prayer requests, an events calendar, and push notification announcements.

Today, we’re introducing My Sermon Notes 2.0

My Sermon Notes 2.0 adds a brand new, fully customizable Church screen. Choose from several pre-made templates, or upload your own custom images. We’ve added the ability to sort, edit, delete, and add sections. The sky is the limit with how you can customize it.

The new Church screen also brings support for integration with other platforms. Now, you can integrate systems like CCB or Planning Center to link to forms or calendars you may already have in those systems. Image blocks can link to native features, outside URLs, and emails or phone numbers.

Images. Large or small.

To offer more flexibility, we’ve added two image sizes. Add large, featured sections anywhere you’d like. The sky is the limit with what you can do!

Large “Events” image on the Church tab

My Sermon Notes 2.0 keeps the same fill-in-the-blank sermon notes experience you know and love and everything else works exactly as it always has. We are thrilled about this update, and we can’t wait to see what you do with it.

My Sermon Notes 2.0 will be available via an App Store and Play Store update today. The Church tab editor in the admin portal is live under Admin > Features.

If you are a church wanting assistance setting up your new customized church screen, please reach out to us at [email protected] We are happy to help.

If you are a user and have any questions, you can also reach out to [email protected] at any time.

My Sermon Notes Introduces Dark Mode and Prayer Request Approval

Prayer requests are a great way to stay up to date with the needs of your church family. Since the first version of My Sermon Notes, we’ve offered a powerful interactive prayer request system in our app. Today, we’re excited to announce a highly requested feature: prayer request approvals!

How Prayer Request Approvals Work

When you go to the “Church Profile” tab in the admin portal, you’ll now see a checkbox to toggle approvals. When the feature is enabled, prayer requests submitted to the entire church will first need to be approved by church staff. You’ll receive a push notification to let you know that a new prayer request was submitted for approval. You can approve the prayer request through the admin portal, or you can edit the prayer request before approving it. You can learn more about how approvals work here. If you don’t want prayer requests to be approved, simply disable the feature and prayer requests will be sent to the entire church upon submission.

Dark Mode on iOS 13

We’re also happy to announce that we’ve added dark mode to iOS 13. Whether you are a dark mode fanatic, or your church dims the lights during the service to create an immersive environment, dark mode is easy on the eyes and looks awesome. It’s available for all iPhones and iPads running iOS 13. Simply enable dark mode in the Settings app, and enjoy.

If you have any questions or comments about version 1.2, please email [email protected].

My Sermon Notes announces Sign Up with Google and other features

Gladeville, TN | June, 2019 — My Sermon Notes launched version 1.1 of their interactive church app platform on the App Store and Google Play Store. In this release, the company is expanding on their powerful feature set by including easier ways for your congregation to get started in the app and improved note-taking functionality.

iPad and tablet support

My Sermon Notes knows that many users prefer to take sermon notes on an iPad or Android tablet, so they are excited to offer tablet support in version 1.1. Tablet users will now enjoy a newly optimized view of the Church screen to give users the best possible experience on a large screen.

Church screen on iPad

Church screen on iPad

Sign Up with Facebook and Google

This release features an all new sign up screen with new “Continue with Facebook” and “Continue with Google” options. These new options allow new users to get started on the app right away without the need to enter their name, email, and a new password. Church members and guests can now download the app and get started in just 60 seconds! The app only requests the user’s name, email, and profile picture from Facebook or Google, and all user data is stored securely.

Continue with Google

Continue with Google demonstrated on iPad

Smart Expand note boxes

Users taking sermon notes can now use the new Smart Expand note boxes. In addition to fill-in-the-blank notes, many users like to add additional notes and comments to their sermon notes in between sermon points. In version 1.1, new and existing note files will now have Smart Expand note boxes that will expand and get larger as you type! Now users can type on and on without the need for a scroll bar in the notes box.

Smart Expand note boxes

Smart Expand note boxes in action on iPad

Other improvements

Additional improvements include support for swiping to go back to the previous page, syncing your notes between devices, and various bug fixes. Cliff McMahel, the company’s co-founder, said,

“We are so excited for the release of version 1.1! Our team has been hard at work on these powerful new features. New users will be able to get started much faster, and the app is smoother and improved for everyone.”

For questions or comments, contact Christian Taylor – [email protected]