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When we launched the first version of My Sermon Notes last year, we started with the mission of making digital fill-in-the-blank sermon notes accessible to churches of all sizes. As we developed the platform, we realized the opportunity to create so much more. We added features like interactive prayer requests, an events calendar, and push notification announcements.

Today, we’re introducing My Sermon Notes 2.0

My Sermon Notes 2.0 adds a brand new, fully customizable Church screen. Choose from several pre-made templates, or upload your own custom images. We’ve added the ability to sort, edit, delete, and add sections. The sky is the limit with how you can customize it.

The new Church screen also brings support for integration with other platforms. Now, you can integrate systems like CCB or Planning Center to link to forms or calendars you may already have in those systems. Image blocks can link to native features, outside URLs, and emails or phone numbers.

Images. Large or small.

To offer more flexibility, we’ve added two image sizes. Add large, featured sections anywhere you’d like. The sky is the limit with what you can do!

Large “Events” image on the Church tab

My Sermon Notes 2.0 keeps the same fill-in-the-blank sermon notes experience you know and love and everything else works exactly as it always has. We are thrilled about this update, and we can’t wait to see what you do with it.

My Sermon Notes 2.0 will be available via an App Store and Play Store update today. The Church tab editor in the admin portal is live under Admin > Features.

If you are a church wanting assistance setting up your new customized church screen, please reach out to us at [email protected]. We are happy to help.

If you are a user and have any questions, you can also reach out to [email protected] at any time.